Our Work

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We work in 3 DIFFERENT AREAS: 

1- buying and selling of PRIVATE PROPERTIES 

(Already described in "Majorca For Sale")

And also in:



                                        Majorca For Sale Commercial Investments Copia 2     


2- Majorca For Sale - Commercial Investments

We have interesting Investment Properties (Hotels and Apartment Hotels, Residential Properties, Golf Courts, etc.) Maybe you want to do the investment yourself, or you might need a good Real Estate Investing Partner. In case you are looking for a potential Equity Partner to carry out your commercial real estate project, we can help you as well (look at "Investments").


                                        MAJORCA SERVICES COM Copia     


3- Majorca Services - Services (Household Services / Personal Assistance)

If you need to carry out new construction work, reforms, repairs or maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you also many personal services (look at "Services").